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State NM: Endangered
State NM: Threatened

121 species returned.
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Species IDNewSortOrderCommon NameScientific NameHabitat MapPhotoStatus
010120 Chihuahua ChubGila nigrescens Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
010135 Gila ChubGila intermedia Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
010145 Roundtail Chub (upper basin populations)Gila robusta Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
010146 Headwater ChubGila nigra Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
010148 Roundtail Chub (lower Colorado River populations)Gila robusta Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
010151 Peppered ChubMacrhybopsis tetranema Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
010180 Southern Redbelly DacePhoxinus erythrogaster Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
010195 Greenthroat DarterEtheostoma lepidum Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
010225 Pecos GambusiaGambusia nobilis Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
010270 Bigscale Logperch (Native pop.)Percina macrolepida YesState NM: Threatened
010290 Loach MinnowRhinichthys (Tiaroga) cobitis Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
010310 Rio Grande Silvery MinnowHybognathus amarus YesState NM: Endangered
010315 Suckermouth MinnowPhenacobius mirabilis Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
010355 Pecos PupfishCyprinodon pecosensis Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
010360 White Sands PupfishCyprinodon tularosa Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
010365 Gray RedhorseMoxostoma congestum YesState NM: Endangered
010401 Arkansas River Shiner (Native pop.)Notropis girardi  no photoState NM: Endangered
010411 Pecos Bluntnose ShinerNotropis simus pecosensis YesState NM: Endangered
010465 SpikedaceMeda fulgida Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
010470 Colorado PikeminnowPtychocheilus lucius Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
010490 Blue SuckerCycleptus elongatus YesState NM: Endangered
010496 Zuni Bluehead SuckerCatostomus discobolus yarrowi  State NM: Endangered
010555 Mexican TetraAstyanax mexicanus Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
010565 Gila TopminnowPoeciliopsis occidentalis occidentalis Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
010600 Gila TroutOncorhynchus gilae YesState NM: Threatened
020030 Lowland Leopard FrogLithobates yavapaiensis YesState NM: Endangered
020060 Jemez Mtns. SalamanderPlethodon neomexicanus YesState NM: Endangered
020065 Sacramento Mtn. SalamanderAneides hardii YesState NM: Threatened
020090 Boreal ToadAnaxyrus boreas boreas YesState NM: Endangered
020095 Sonoran Desert ToadIncilius alvarius YesState NM: Threatened
020110 Great Plains Narrowmouth ToadGastrophryne olivacea YesState NM: Endangered
030010 Western River CooterPseudemys gorzugi YesState NM: Threatened
030060 Slevin's Bunchgrass LizardSceloporus slevini Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
030086 Dunes Sagebrush LizardSceloporus arenicolus YesState NM: Endangered
030135 Reticulate Gila MonsterHeloderma suspectum suspectum YesState NM: Endangered
030170 NM Ridgenose RattlesnakeCrotalus willardi obscurus YesState NM: Endangered
030175 Mottled Rock RattlesnakeCrotalus lepidus lepidus YesState NM: Threatened
030195 Mountain SkinkPlestiodon callicephalus YesState NM: Threatened
030265 Mexican GartersnakeThamnophis eques YesState NM: Endangered
030270 Narrow-headed GartersnakeThamnophis rufipunctatus YesState NM: Threatened
030325 Gray-banded KingsnakeLampropeltis alterna YesState NM: Endangered
030370 Green Rat SnakeSenticolis triaspis YesState NM: Threatened
030385 Arid Land RibbonsnakeThamnophis proximus YesState NM: Threatened
030400 Plainbelly Water SnakeNerodia erythrogaster YesState NM: Endangered
030465 Gray-checkered Whiptail (dixoni pop.)Aspidoscelis tesselata YesState NM: Endangered
030490 Giant Spotted WhiptailAspidoscelis stictogramma YesState NM: Threatened
040020 N. Beardless TyrannuletCamptostoma imberbe YesState NM: Endangered
040040 Common Black HawkButeogallus anthracinus YesState NM: Threatened
040125 Varied BuntingPasserina versicolor  State NM: Threatened
040195 Neotropic CormorantPhalacrocorax brasilianus YesState NM: Threatened
040220 Whooping CraneGrus americana Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
040370 Bald EagleHaliaeetus leucocephalus YesState NM: Threatened
040380 Aplomado FalconFalco femoralis YesState NM: Endangered
040384 Peregrine FalconFalco peregrinus YesState NM: Threatened
040385 Arctic Peregrine FalconFalco peregrinus tundrius Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
040521 Southwestern Willow FlycatcherEmpidonax traillii extimus YesState NM: Endangered
040690 Common Ground-doveColumbina passerina YesState NM: Endangered
040905 Broad-billed HummingbirdCynanthus latirostris YesState NM: Threatened
040925 Costa's HummingbirdCalypte costae YesState NM: Threatened
040930 Lucifer HummingbirdCalothorax lucifer Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
040950 Violet-crowned HummingbirdAmazilia violiceps YesState NM: Threatened
040955 White-eared HummingbirdHylocharis leucotis YesState NM: Threatened
041025 Yellow-eyed JuncoJunco phaeonotus YesState NM: Threatened
041055 Thick-billed KingbirdTyrannus crassirostris YesState NM: Endangered
041235 Buff-collared NightjarAntrostomus ridgwayi Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
041315 Boreal OwlAegolius funereus Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
041360 Whiskered Screech-OwlMegascops trichopsis  State NM: Threatened
041400 Brown PelicanPelecanus occidentalis YesState NM: Endangered
041505 Piping PloverCharadrius melodus Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
041530 White-tailed PtarmiganLagopus leucura YesState NM: Endangered
041785 Baird's SparrowAmmodramus bairdii YesState NM: Threatened
041846 AZ Grasshopper SparrowAmmodramus savannarum ammolegus YesState NM: Endangered
042070 Least TernSternula antillarum YesState NM: Endangered
042140 Abert's TowheeMelozone aberti YesState NM: Threatened
042165 Elegant TrogonTrogon elegans YesState NM: Endangered
042171 Gould's Wild TurkeyMeleagris gallopavo mexicana YesState NM: Threatened
042190 Bell's VireoVireo bellii  State NM: Threatened
042200 Gray VireoVireo vicinior YesState NM: Threatened
042520 Gila WoodpeckerMelanerpes uropygialis YesState NM: Threatened
050060 Mexican Long-nosed BatLeptonycteris nivalis Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
050065 Lesser Long-nosed BatLeptonycteris yerbabuenae Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
050095 Spotted BatEuderma maculatum YesState NM: Threatened
050100 Western Yellow BatLasiurus xanthinus Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
050146 Organ Mtns. Colorado ChipmunkTamias quadrivittatus australis YesState NM: Threatened
050148 Oscura Mtns. Colorado ChipmunkTamias quadrivittatus oscuraensis Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
050161 Penasco Least ChipmunkTamias minimus atristriatus Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
050275 Southern Pocket Gopher (NM population)Thomomys umbrinus intermedius Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
050335 American MartenMartes americana YesState NM: Threatened
050410 Meadow Jumping MouseZapus hudsonius luteus YesState NM: Endangered
050592 White-sided Jack RabbitLepus callotis Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
050685 Arizona ShrewSorex arizonae Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
050705 Least ShrewCryptotis parva  State NM: Threatened
050841 Arizona Montane VoleMicrotus montanus arizonensis  no photoState NM: Endangered
050866 Mexican Gray WolfCanis lupus baileyi YesState NM: Endangered
060015 Hacheta Grande WoodlandsnailAshmunella hebardi YesState NM: Threatened
060016 Cooke's Peak WoodlandsnailAshmunella macromphala Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
060020 Pecos Assiminea SnailAssiminea pecos YesState NM: Endangered
060035 Shortneck Snaggletooth SnailGastrocopta dalliana  no photoState NM: Threatened
060040 Paper PondshellUtterbackia imbecillis Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
060060 Texas HornshellPopenaias popeii  State NM: Endangered
060070 Mineral Creek MountainsnailOreohelix pilsbryi Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
060071 Florida MountainsnailOreohelix florida Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
060080 Swamp FingernailclamMusculium partumeium Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
060100 Lilljeborg's PeaclamPisidium lilljeborgi Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
060120 Lake FingernailclamMusculium lacustre YesState NM: Threatened
060140 Sangre De Cristo PeaclamPisidium sanguinichristi Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
060160 Long FingernailclamMusculium transversum Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
060180 New Mexico Hot SpringsnailPyrgulopsis thermalis Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
060200 Wrinkled MarshsnailStagnicola caperata Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
060220 Star Gyro SnailGyraulus crista Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
060240 Alamosa SpringsnailPseudotryonia alamosae  no photoState NM: Endangered
060260 Chupadera SpringsnailPyrgulopsis chupaderae YesState NM: Endangered
060280 Gila SpringsnailPyrgulopsis gilae Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
060300 Koster's SpringsnailJuturnia kosteri  State NM: Endangered
060320 Pecos SpringsnailPyrgulopsis pecosensis Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
060340 Roswell SpringsnailPyrgulopsis roswellensis YesState NM: Endangered
060360 Socorro SpringsnailPyrgulopsis neomexicana Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
060370 Dona Ana TalussnailSonorella todseni Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
060380 Ovate Vertigo SnailVertigo ovata Yesno photoState NM: Threatened
070100 Noel's AmphipodGammarus desperatus YesState NM: Endangered
070200 Socorro IsopodThermosphaeroma thermophilum Yesno photoState NM: Endangered
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