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Code Table List

Trophic Codes

 EDIT GENERAL CARNIVORE-eats animalsCarnivorous in the broad definition to include animals that eat any type of animal tissue, vertebrate and/or invertebrate tissue. The species eats mostly or exclusively animal tissue, little or no plant tissue.
 EDIT CARNIVORE-eats vertebrate tissueThe species diet includes meat of vertebrate animals.
 EDIT CANNIBALISTIC-eats same species 
 EDIT INVERTIVORE-eats invertebratesInvertebrate animals are included in the diet of the species. This category includes insectivores, molluscivores, etc.
 EDIT INVERTIVORE-AQUATIC INVERTSAquatic invertebrates are included in the diet of the species. Aquatic invertebrates include those species which have at least one aquatic life stage. Examples of aquatic invertebrates include: dragonflies, damselflies, mayflies, crustaceans, some molluscs, rotifers, some annelids, etc. This category includes insectivores that forage on aquatic insects.
 EDIT PISCIVORE-eats fish 
 EDIT HERBIVORE-eats plants almost exclusively 
 EDIT FRUGIVORE-eats fruit 
 EDIT GRANIVORE-eats seeds 
 EDIT HERBIVORE/BROWSER-eats woody vegetation 
 EDIT HERBIVORE/GRAZER-eats grasses & forbs 
 EDIT NECTIVORE-eats nectar 
 EDIT ALGIVORE-eats algae 
 EDIT OMNIVORE-eats plants and animals 
 EDIT FILTER-FEEDER-traps particles in water 
 EDIT DETRITIVORE-eats decaying organic matter 
 EDIT PARASITE-derives nutrients/shelter from living host 
 EDIT SCAVENGER-feeds on carrion & refuse 
 EDIT SPECIFY IN COMMENTS-other feeding type