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Code Table List

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Species Association/Food Codes

 EDIT MicroorganismBacteria, protozoans, algae
 EDIT         VirusViruses
 EDIT PlanktonDrift with water column
 EDIT         ZooplanktonAnimal plankton
 EDIT         PhytoplanktonPlant plankton
 EDIT NektonOrganisms; swim through water
 EDIT BenthosOrganisms; live on bottom
 EDIT Periphytonalgae/insects/etc. on bottom
 EDIT Other microorganismsSpecified in comments
 EDIT         CyanobacteriaBlue-green algae
 EDIT PROTOCTISTAUnicellular; Protozoans
 EDIT         RhizopodaAmoebas
 EDIT         ActinopodaHeliozoans, radiolarians
 EDIT         ForaminiferaForams
 EDIT         SporozoaSporozoans
 EDIT         ZoomastiginaZoomastigotes
 EDIT         CiliophoraCiliates
 EDIT         DinoflagellatesDinoflagellates
 EDIT         BacillariophytaDiatoms
 EDIT         EuglenophytaEuglena and its relatives
 EDIT ALGAEAquatic plantlike organisms
 EDIT         ChrysophytaGolden algae
 EDIT         ChlorophytaGreen algae
 EDIT         PhaeophytaBrown algae
 EDIT         RhodophytaRed algae
 EDIT         MyxomycotaPlasmodial slime molds
 EDIT         AcrasiomycotaCellular slime molds
 EDIT         OomycotaWater molds
 EDIT FUNGIMushrooms/yeast/cankers/lichen
 EDIT     Epigeous FungiFruiting body above ground
 EDIT     Hypogeous FungiFruiting bodies underground
 EDIT         ZygomycotaZygomycetes
 EDIT         AscomycotaSac fungi
 EDIT         BasidiomycotaClub fungi
 EDIT         Deuteromycotaimperfect fungi; asexual reprod
 EDIT         LichensSymbiotic assoc. algae + fungi
 EDIT     Root FungiGenera: Armillaria, Heterobasidion, Inonotus
 EDIT     Rusts 
 EDIT             Cronartium ribicolaWhite Pine Blister Rust
 EDIT             Broom fungiSpruce and fir broom rusts, Elytroderma disease
 EDIT             Rooted aquatic plants 
 EDIT             Floating aquatic plants 
 EDIT     HERBACEOUSHerbs, Forbs
 EDIT     GRASSESPlant of family Gramineae:
 EDIT     CONIFERSCone bearing; pine/spruce/fir
 EDIT     SHRUBSPerennial woody plant; not trees
 EDIT     VINESFlexible stem; twine about support
 EDIT     EVERGREENHave green leaves/needles yr-rnd
 EDIT     DECIDUOUSLosing its leaves annually
 EDIT     SUCCULENTSCactus, Yucca, etc.
 EDIT             BryophytaLiverworts, mosses
 EDIT             ISOETACEAEQuillwort family
 EDIT             LYCOPODIACEAEClub moss family
 EDIT             SELAGINELLACEAESelaginella, Spike moss
 EDIT             EQUISETACEAEHorsetail family
 EDIT             OPHIOGLOSSACEAEAdder's tongue family
 EDIT                 Ophioglossom spp.Adder's tongue
 EDIT                 Botrychium spp.Grape fern, Moonwort
 EDIT             POLYPODIACEAEPolypody ferns
 EDIT                 Cheilanthes spp.Lip ferns
 EDIT                 Pellae spp.Cliff brake
 EDIT                 Notholaena spp.Cloak fern
 EDIT                 Asplenium Spp.Spleenwort
 EDIT             OSMUNDACEAEFlowering fern
 EDIT             MARSILEACEAEMarsilea, Pepperwort
 EDIT             SALVINIACEAESalvinia, Aquatic ferns
 EDIT             EPHEDRACEAE (Eogedraceae)Joint-fir family
 EDIT                 Ephedra spp.Ephedra
 EDIT                     E. antisyphilitica 
 EDIT                     E. nevadensis 
 EDIT                     E. viridisGreen ephedra, Mormontea
 EDIT                     E. trifurcaLongleaf ephedra/Desert joint-fir
 EDIT                     E. torreyanaTorrey ephedra
 EDIT                     E. coryi 
 EDIT             PINACEAEPine family
 EDIT                     Pseudotsuga menziesiiDouglas fir
 EDIT                 Pinus spp.Pine
 EDIT                     P. edulisPinyon pine
 EDIT                     P. cembroidesMexican pinyon
 EDIT                     P. ponderosaPonderosa pine
 EDIT                     P. ponderosa v. arizonicaArizona pine
 EDIT                     P. engelmanniiApache pine
 EDIT                     P. leiophylla v. chihuahuanaChihuahua pine
 EDIT                     P. aristataBristlecone pine
 EDIT                     P. flexilisLimber pine
 EDIT                     P. strobiformisMexican white pine
 EDIT                 Picea spp.Spruce
 EDIT                     P. engelmanniiEngelmann spruce
 EDIT                     P. pungensBlue spruce
 EDIT                 Abies spp.Fir
 EDIT                     A. concolorWhite fir
 EDIT                     A. lasiocarpaSubalpine fir
 EDIT                     A. lasiocarpa v. arizonicaCorkbark fir
 EDIT             CUPRESSACEAECypress family
 EDIT                     Cupressus arizonicaArizona cypress
 EDIT                 Juniperus spp.Juniper
 EDIT                     J. communisCommon juniper
 EDIT                     J. deppeanaAlligator juniper
 EDIT                     J. scopolorumRocky Mt. juniper/ CO Red cedar
 EDIT                     J. pinchotiiRed berry juniper
 EDIT                     J. osteopermaUtah juniper
 EDIT                     J. monospermaOne-seed juniper
 EDIT                     J. asheiOzark white cedar
 EDIT             TYPHACEAECattail family
 EDIT             SPARGANIACEAEBur reed family
 EDIT             NAJADACEAENaiad family
 EDIT                     Zannichellia palustrisHorned pondweed
 EDIT                     Ruppia maritimaDitch grass
 EDIT                 Potamogeton spp.Pondweed
 EDIT                 Najas spp.Water nymph
 EDIT             JUNCAGINACEAEArrow grass family
 EDIT             ALISMATACEAEWater plantain family
 EDIT                 Alisma spp.Water plantain
 EDIT                 Sagittaria spp.Arrowhead, Swamp potatoe
 EDIT             HYDROCHARITACEAEFrog's-bit family
 EDIT                 Elodea spp.Waterweed/Water thyme/Ditch moss
 EDIT             GRAMINEAE (POACEAE)Grass family
 EDIT                 Phalaris spp.Canary grass
 EDIT                 Aristida spp. 
 EDIT                 Oryzopsis spp.Ricegrass, Mountain grass
 EDIT                 Stipa spp.Needlegrass, Feather grass
 EDIT                 Calamagrostis spp.Reedgrass
 EDIT                 Agrostis spp.Bent grass, Redtop
 EDIT                 Muhlenbergia spp.Muhly grass
 EDIT                 Sporobolus spp.Dropseed, Rush grass
 EDIT                 Tridens spp.Tridens
 EDIT                 Eragrostis spp.Love grass
 EDIT                 Poa spp.Bluegrass, Meadow grass
 EDIT                 Bromus spp.Bromegrass
 EDIT                 Festuca spp.Fescue
 EDIT                 Bouteloua spp.Grama grass
 EDIT                 Agropyron spp.Wheatgrass, Doggrass
 EDIT                 Hordeum spp.Barley
 EDIT                 Elymus spp.Wild rye
 EDIT                 Andropogon spp.Bluestem, Beard grass
 EDIT                 Setaria spp.Bristle grass, Japenese millet
 EDIT                 Panicum spp.Panic grass, Switch grass
 EDIT                 Avena spp.Oats
 EDIT                 Cynodon spp.Bermuda grass
 EDIT                 Dactylis spp.Orchard grass
 EDIT                 Eragrostis spp.Love grass
 EDIT                 Schizochyrium spp.Little bluestem
 EDIT                 Pennisetum spp.Pearl millet
 EDIT                 Phleam spp.Timothy
 EDIT                 Triticum spp.Wheat
 EDIT                 Sorghum spp.Sorghum
 EDIT                 Zea spp.Corn
 EDIT                 Hilaria spp.Galleta grasses
 EDIT             CYPERACEAESedge family
 EDIT                 Carex spp.Sedge
 EDIT                 Cyperus spp.Umbrella sedge
 EDIT                 Eleocharis spp.Spike rush
 EDIT                 Scirpus spp.Bulrush
 EDIT             LEMNACEAEDuckweed family
 EDIT             COMMELINACEAESpiderwort family
 EDIT                 Commelina spp.Dayflower
 EDIT                 Tradescantia spp.Spiderwort
 EDIT             PONTEDERIACEAEPickerel weed family
 EDIT             JUNCACEAERush family, Bog, Woodrush
 EDIT             LILIACEAELily family
 EDIT                 Yucca spp.Yucca
 EDIT                     Y. baccataBanana yucca, datil yucca
 EDIT                     Y. arizonicaMcKelvey yucca
 EDIT                     Y. torreyiTorreyi yucca
 EDIT                     Y. schottiiSchotts yucca
 EDIT                     Y. elataSoaptree yucca
 EDIT                     Y. glaucaSmall soapweed
 EDIT                     Y. neomexicanaWoot. & Standl.
 EDIT                     Y. harrimaniaeHarriman yucca
 EDIT                     Y. angustissimaNarrowleaf yucca
 EDIT                     Y. baileyiWoot. & Standl.
 EDIT                     Y. standleyiStandley yucca
 EDIT                     Y. intermediaIntermediate yucca
 EDIT                     Y. navajoaNavajo yucca
 EDIT                 Calochortus spp.Mariposa or Sego lily
 EDIT                 Zygadenus spp.Death camas, White camas
 EDIT                 Allium spp.Onion
 EDIT                 Smilacina spp.False Solomon's Seal
 EDIT             AMARYLLIDACEAEAmaryllis family
 EDIT                 Agave spp.Agave
 EDIT                     A. schottii 
 EDIT                     A. lechuguilla 
 EDIT                     A. palmeriPalmer agave
 EDIT                     A. parryiParry agave
 EDIT                     A. neomexicana 
 EDIT                     A. gracilipes 
 EDIT                 Zephyranthes spp.Zepher, Rain, & Fairy lilies
 EDIT             IRIDACEAEIris family, Blue-eyed grass
 EDIT             ORCHIDACEAEOrchid family
 EDIT                 Corallorhiza spp.Coralroot
 EDIT                 Goodyera spp.Rattlesnake plantain
 EDIT                 Malaxis spp.Adder's mouth
 EDIT                 Spiranthes spp.Ladies' tresses
 EDIT                 Habenaria spp.Fringed orchid
 EDIT             SAURURACEAELizard's-tail family/Yerba mansa
 EDIT             SALICACEAEWillow family
 EDIT                 Salix spp.Willow
 EDIT                     S. bebbianaBebb willow
 EDIT                     S. planifolia 
 EDIT                     S. monticola 
 EDIT                     S. amygdaloidesPeachleaf willow
 EDIT                     S. luteaYellow willow
 EDIT                     S. pseudomonticola 
 EDIT                     S. nivalis 
 EDIT                     S. petrophila 
 EDIT                     S. subcoerulea 
 EDIT                     S. glauca 
 EDIT                     S. scoulerianaScouler or Mountain willow
 EDIT                     S. pseudolapponum 
 EDIT                     S. wrightiiWright willow
 EDIT                     S. taxifoliaYewleaf willow
 EDIT                     S. exiguaCoyote willow
 EDIT                     S. interiorSandbar willow
 EDIT                     S. irrorata 
 EDIT                     S. lasiolepisArroyo willow
 EDIT                     S. gooddingiiGoodding willow
 EDIT                     S. caudataWhiplash willow
 EDIT                     S. lasiandraPacific willow
 EDIT                     S. bonplandianaBonpland willow
 EDIT                     S. myrtillifolia 
 EDIT                 Populus spp.Poplar, Aspen, Cottonwood
 EDIT                     P. albaWhite or Silver-leaf poplar
 EDIT                     P. angustifoliaNarrowleaf cottonwood
 EDIT                     P. acuminataLanceleaf cottonwood
 EDIT                     P. tremuloidesQuaking Aspen
 EDIT                     P. sargentiiPlains/Sargent's cottonwood
 EDIT                     P. fremontiiFreemont/Gila cottonwood
 EDIT                     P. fremontii v. wislizeniiRio Grande cottonwood
 EDIT             JUGLANDACEAEWalnut family
 EDIT                 Juglans spp.Walnut
 EDIT                     J. microcarpaLittle walnut, River walnut
 EDIT                     J. majorArizona walnut
 EDIT             BETULACEAEBirch family
 EDIT                     Ostrya knowltoniiWestern/Knowlton hophornbeam
 EDIT                     Betula occidentalisWater birch
 EDIT                 Alnus spp.Alder
 EDIT                     A. tenuifoliaThinleaf alder
 EDIT                     A. oblongifoliaArizona/New Mexico alder
 EDIT             FAGACEAEBeech family
 EDIT                 Quercus spp.Oak
 EDIT                     Q. hypoleucoidesSilverleaf oak
 EDIT                     Q. emoryiEmory oak
 EDIT                     Q. gambeliiGambel oak
 EDIT                     Q. muhlenbergiiYellow chestnut, Chinquapin oak
 EDIT                     Q. rugosa 
 EDIT                     Q. havardiiShinnery oak, Harvard oak
 EDIT                     Q. undulataWavyleaf oak
 EDIT                     Q. arizonicaArizona white oak
 EDIT                     Q. turbinellaShrub live oak
 EDIT                     Q. toumeyiToumey oak
 EDIT                     Q. oblongifoliaMexican blue oak
 EDIT                     Q. griseaGray oak
 EDIT                     Q. pungensSandpaper oak
 EDIT                     Q. mohriana 
 EDIT                     Q. reticulataNetleaf oak
 EDIT             ULMACEAEElm family
 EDIT                 Celtis spp.Hackberry
 EDIT                     C. occidentalisCommon hackberry
 EDIT                     C. pallidaSpiny hackberry
 EDIT                     C. reticulataNetleaf hackberry
 EDIT                 Ulmus spp.Elm
 EDIT                     U. parvifoliaChinese elm
 EDIT                     U. pumilaSiberian elm
 EDIT             MORACEAEMulberry family
 EDIT                     Maclura pomiferaOsage orange, Bowwood
 EDIT                 Morus spp.Mulberry
 EDIT                     M. microphyllaTexas mulberry
 EDIT             CANNABINACEAEHemp family, Hops
 EDIT             UTRICACEAENettle family/nettle
 EDIT             LORANTHACEAEMistletoe family
 EDIT                 Arceuthobium spp.Dwarf mistletoe
 EDIT                     A. vaginatumSW dwarf mistletoe
 EDIT                 Phoradendron spp.Mistletoe
 EDIT                     P. californicumMesquite mistletoe
 EDIT                     P. juniperinumJuniper mistletoe
 EDIT             SANTALACEAESandalwood family/Bastard toadflax
 EDIT             ARISTOLOCHIACEAEBirthwort family
 EDIT             POLYGONACEAEBuckwheat family
 EDIT                 Eriogonum spp.Wild buckwheat, Umbrella plant
 EDIT                 Rumex spp.Dock, sorrel
 EDIT                 Polygonum spp.Solomon's seal
 EDIT             CHENOPODIACEAEGoosefoot, Pigweed family
 EDIT                     Sarcobatus vermiculatusBlack greasewood
 EDIT                     Eurotia lanataWinter-fat
 EDIT                 Atriplex spp.Saltbush
 EDIT                     A. canescensFour-wing saltbush
 EDIT                     A. confertifoliaShadscale
 EDIT                 Chenopodium spp.Goosefoot, Pigweed
 EDIT             AMARANTHACEAEAmaranth family
 EDIT                 Amaranthus spp.Amaranth
 EDIT                 Froelichia spp.Cottonweed
 EDIT             NYCATAGINACEAEFour O'clock family
 EDIT                 Boerhaavia spp.Spiderling
 EDIT                 Oxybaphus spp.Umbrellawort
 EDIT                 Mirabilis spp.Umbrellawort
 EDIT                 Abronia spp.Sand verbana
 EDIT             PHYTOLACCACEAEPokeweed family
 EDIT             AIZOACEAECarpetweed family
 EDIT             PORTULACACEAEPurslane family
 EDIT                 Portulaca spp.Moss rose
 EDIT                 Talinum spp.Fameflower
 EDIT                 Claytonia spp.Spring beauty
 EDIT             CARYOPHYLLACEAEPink family
 EDIT                 Paronychia spp.Whitlowwort/Nailwort/Chickweed
 EDIT                 Silene spp.Campion, Catchfly
 EDIT                 Stellaria spp.Chickweed, Starweed
 EDIT                 Cerastium spp.Mouse-ear chickweed
 EDIT                 Arenaria spp. 
 EDIT             NYMPHAEACEAEWater Lily family
 EDIT             CERATOPHYLLACEAEHornwort family
 EDIT                     Ceratophyllum demersumCoontail
 EDIT             RANUNCULACEAECrowfoot, Buttercup family
 EDIT                 Aquilegia spp.Columbine
 EDIT                 Delphinium spp.Larkspur
 EDIT                 Clematis spp.Leather flower, Vase vine
 EDIT                     C. drummondiiDrummond clematis
 EDIT                     C. ligusticifoliaWestern virgin's bower
 EDIT                     C. pseudoalpinaAlpine clematis
 EDIT                 Anemone spp.Windflower
 EDIT                 Ranunculus spp.Buttercup
 EDIT                 Thalictrum spp.Meadow rue
 EDIT             BERBERIDACEAEBarberry family
 EDIT                 Berberis spp.Barberry
 EDIT                     B. fremontiiFremont barberry
 EDIT                     B. repensCreeping barberry/Oregon grape
 EDIT                     B. fendleriColorado barberry
 EDIT                     B. trifoliolataAlgerita mahonia/Laredo mahonia
 EDIT                     B. haematocarpaRed mahonia
 EDIT             PAPAVERACEAEPoppy family
 EDIT                     Eschscholzia mexicanaCalifornia poppy
 EDIT                 Argemone spp.Prickly Poppy, Argemony
 EDIT                 Papaver spp.Opium, Artic, or Iceland poppy
 EDIT             FUMARIACEAEFumitory family, Bleeding heart, Golden corydalis
 EDIT             CRUCIFERAE (BRASSICACEAE)Mustard family
 EDIT                 Greggia spp. 
 EDIT                 Streptanthella spp. 
 EDIT                 Arabis spp.Rock cress
 EDIT                 Draba spp.Draba
 EDIT                 Thelypodium spp. 
 EDIT                 Brassica spp.Cole, Mustard
 EDIT                 Erysimum spp.Wallflower, Blister cress
 EDIT                 Descurainia spp. 
 EDIT                 Sisymbrium spp. 
 EDIT                 Rorippa spp.Yellow cress, Water cress
 EDIT                 Lepidium spp.Peppergrass/Pepperwort/Tonguegrass
 EDIT                 Lesquerella spp.Bladderpod
 EDIT             CAPPARIDACEAECaper family
 EDIT                 Cleome spp.Spider plant
 EDIT                 Polanisia spp.Clammy weed
 EDIT             RESEDACEAEMignonette family
 EDIT             CRASSULACEAEOrpine family, Stonecrop
 EDIT             SAXIFRAGACEAESaxifrage family
 EDIT                     Fendlerella utahensisLittle fendlerbush
 EDIT                     Jamesia americanaWaxflower, Cliff jamesia
 EDIT                     Fendlera rupicolaFalse mockorange/Cliff fendlerbush
 EDIT                 Heuchera spp.Alumroot, Coralbells
 EDIT                 Saxifraga spp.Saxifrage, rockfoil
 EDIT                 Philadelphus spp.Mock orange
 EDIT                     P. microphyllusLittleleaf mockorange
 EDIT                 Ribes spp.Gooseberry, Currant
 EDIT                     R. montigenumMtn/Redfruited gooseberry
 EDIT                     R. pinetorumOrange gooseberry
 EDIT                     R. inermeWhitestem gooseberry
 EDIT                     R. leptanthumTrumpet gooseberry
 EDIT                     R. wolfiiWolf or Rothrock currant
 EDIT                     R. coloradenseColorado currant
 EDIT                     R. americanumBlack currant
 EDIT                     R. mescaleriumMescalero currant
 EDIT                     R. cereumSquaw/White-flowered currant
 EDIT                     R. inebriansWax currant
 EDIT                     R. aureumGolden currant
 EDIT                     R. viscosissimumSticky currant
 EDIT             PLATANACEAEPlane tree, Sycamore family
 EDIT                     Platanus wrightiiArizona sycamore
 EDIT             ROSACEAERose family
 EDIT                     Purshia tridentataAntelopebrush
 EDIT                     Coleogyne ramosissimaBlackbrush, Blackbush
 EDIT                     Cowania stansburianaStansbury Cliffrose
 EDIT                     Physocarpus monogynusMountain ninebark
 EDIT                     Vauquelinia californicaArizona rosewood
 EDIT                     Holodiscus dumosusMountain spray, Ocean spray
 EDIT                     Peraphyllum ramosissimumSquawapple
 EDIT                 Sorbus spp.Mountain ash
 EDIT                     S. dumosaArizona mountain ash
 EDIT                     S. scopulinaGreene mountain ash
 EDIT                 Crataegus spp.Hawthorn
 EDIT                     C. rivularisRiver hawthorn
 EDIT                     C. erythropodaCerro hawthorn
 EDIT                     C. chrysocarpaFireberry hawthorn
 EDIT                     C. wootoniana 
 EDIT                 Amelanchier spp.Serviceberry
 EDIT                     A. utahensisUtah serviceberry
 EDIT                 Prunus spp.Cherry, plum
 EDIT                     P. virginianaCommon chokecherry
 EDIT                     P. virginiana v. melanocarpaBlack western chokecherry
 EDIT                     P. virginiana v. demissaWestern chokecherry
 EDIT                     P. serotinaGila, Wild black, or Black cherry
 EDIT                     P. emarginataBitter cherry
 EDIT                     P. americanaCommon wild plum
 EDIT                     P. angustifolia 
 EDIT                     P. gracillisPrairie Cherry
 EDIT                     P. viresn v. rufulaSouthwestern chokecherry
 EDIT                 Rubus spp.Bramble
 EDIT                     R. parviflorusWestern thimbleberry
 EDIT                     R. deliciosusRocky Mountain raspberry
 EDIT                     R. neomexicanusNew Mexican raspberry
 EDIT                     R. exrubicundusSimilar raspberry
 EDIT                     R. arizonensisArizona dewberry/raspberry
 EDIT                     R. occidentalisBlack raspberry
 EDIT                     R. leucodermisWhitebark raspberry
 EDIT                     R. strigosusAmerican red raspberry
 EDIT                     R. aliceaeAlice raspberry
 EDIT                 Potentilla spp.Cinquefoils
 EDIT                     P. fruticosaShrubby cinquefoil
 EDIT                 Geum spp.Avens
 EDIT                 Rosa spp.Rose
 EDIT                     R. stellataDesert rose
 EDIT                     R. nutkanaNootka rose
 EDIT                     R. woodsiiWoods rose
 EDIT                     R. arkansanaArkansas rose
 EDIT                     R. acicularisPrickly rose
 EDIT                     R. standleyiStandley rose
 EDIT                     F. paradoxaApache-plume
 EDIT                 Cercocarpus spp.Cercocarpus
 EDIT                     C. montanusAlderleaf, Mtn mahogany
 EDIT             LEGUMINOSAEPea family
 EDIT                     Parryella filifoliaDunebroom
 EDIT                     Robinia neomexicanaNew Mexico locust
 EDIT                     Eysenhardtia polystachyaKidneywood
 EDIT                     Sophora secundifloraMescalbean
 EDIT                     Erythrina flabelliformisSouthwestern coralbean
 EDIT                     Leucaena retusaGoldenball leadtree
 EDIT                 Calliandra spp.Calliandra
 EDIT                     C. eriophyllaFalse mesquite calliandra
 EDIT                 Acacia spp.Acacia
 EDIT                     A. greggiiCatclaw acacia
 EDIT                     A. roemerianaRoemer acacia
 EDIT                     A. farnesianaSweet acacia
 EDIT                     A. neovernicosa 
 EDIT                     A. vernicosaViscid acacia
 EDIT                     A. constrictaMescat acacia
 EDIT                     A. angustissimaPrairie acacia
 EDIT                 Prosopis spp.Mesquite
 EDIT                     P. pubescensScrewbean
 EDIT                     P. velutina 
 EDIT                     P. juliflora v. velutinaVelvet mesquite
 EDIT                     P. juliflora v. torreyanaWestern honey mesquite
 EDIT                     P. glandulosa 
 EDIT                     P. juliflora v. glandulosaHoney mesquite
 EDIT                 Desmanthus spp. 
 EDIT                 Mimosa spp.Mimosa
 EDIT                     M. dysocarpaVelvetpod mimosa
 EDIT                     M. borealisFragrant mimosa
 EDIT                     M. grahamiiGraham mimosa
 EDIT                     M. biunciferaCatclaw mimosa
 EDIT                     M. warnockiiWarnock mimosa
 EDIT                 Krameria spp. 
 EDIT                     K. lanceolata 
 EDIT                     K. grayiGrays krameria
 EDIT                     K. parvifoliaLittleleaf krameria
 EDIT                 Cassia spp.Senna, Shower tree
 EDIT                     C. wislizeniiWislizenus cassia/senna
 EDIT                 Hoffmanseggia spp. 
 EDIT                 Thermopsis spp.False lupine
 EDIT                 Lupinus spp.Lupine
 EDIT                 Desmodium spp.Tick trefoil, Tick clover
 EDIT                 Phaseolus spp.Bean
 EDIT                 Psoralea spp.Scurfy pea
 EDIT                 Dalea spp.Indigo bush
 EDIT                     D. formosaFeather dalea
 EDIT                     D. wislizeniiWislizenius dalea
 EDIT                 Trifolium spp.Clover, trefoil
 EDIT                 Lotus spp. 
 EDIT                 Astragalus spp.Milk vetch
 EDIT                 Lathyrus spp.Vetchling, Wild pea
 EDIT                 Vicia spp.Vetch, Tare
 EDIT                 Petalostemum spp.Prairie clover
 EDIT                 Amorpha spp.Amorpha
 EDIT                     A. californicaStinkingwillow
 EDIT                     A. fruticosaFalse-indigo
 EDIT                 Oxytropis spp.Locoweed, Crazyweed
 EDIT             GERANIACEAEGeranium family
 EDIT                 Geranium spp.Cranesbill
 EDIT                 Erodium spp.Heron's bill, Storkbill
 EDIT             OXALIDACEAEOxalis, Wood-sorrel family
 EDIT                 Oxalis spp.Wood, Lady's sorrel
 EDIT             LINACEAEFlax family
 EDIT                 Linum spp.Flax
 EDIT             ZYGOPHYLLACEAECaltrop family
 EDIT                     Larrea tridentataCoville creosotebush
 EDIT                 Kallstroemia spp. 
 EDIT             RUTACEAERue family
 EDIT                 Ptelea spp.Hoptree
 EDIT                     P. trifoliataHoptree
 EDIT                     P. angustifoliaCommon or Narrowleaf hoptree
 EDIT                     P. pallidaPale hoptree
 EDIT             SIMAROUBACEAEQuassia family
 EDIT                     Ailanthus altissimaAilanthus, Tree-of-heaven
 EDIT             MALPIGHIACEAEMalpighia family
 EDIT                     Janusia gracillisSlender janusia
 EDIT             POLYGALACEAEMilkwort family
 EDIT                 Polygala spp.Milkwort
 EDIT             EUPHORBIACEAESpurge family
 EDIT                 Euphorbia spp.Spurge
 EDIT                 Croton spp. 
 EDIT                 Tragia spp. 
 EDIT                 Stillingia spp.Queen's delight
 EDIT                 Ditaxis spp. 
 EDIT                 Acalypha spp.Copperleaf
 EDIT             CALLITRICHACEAEWater starwort family
 EDIT                 Callitriche spp.Water starwort, Chickweed
 EDIT             ANACARDIACEAECashew family
 EDIT                 Rhus spp.Sumac
 EDIT                     R. radicansPoison-ivy
 EDIT                     R. trilobataSquawbush/Skunkbush sumac
 EDIT                     R. microphyllaLittleleaf sumac
 EDIT                     R. copallinaDwarf/Shining sumac
 EDIT                     R. choriophyllaMearns sumac
 EDIT                     R. glabraSmooth sumac
 EDIT             CELASTRACEAEStaff-tree family
 EDIT                     Glossopetalon spinescensGreasebush
 EDIT                     Pachystima myrsinitesMountian lover
 EDIT             ACERACEAEMaple family
 EDIT                     Sapindus saponaria v. drummondiiWestern soapberry
 EDIT                     Ungnadia speciosaMexican buckeye
 EDIT                 Acer spp.Maple
 EDIT                     A. negundoBoxelder
 EDIT                     A. grandidentatumBigtooth maple
 EDIT                     A. glabrumRocky Mountain maple
 EDIT             RHAMNACEAEBuckthorn family
 EDIT                     Microrhamnus ericoidesJavelina brush
 EDIT                 Rhamnus spp.Buckthorn
 EDIT                     R. californicaCalifornia buckthorn
 EDIT                     R. betulaefoliaBirchleaf buckthorn
 EDIT                 Ceanothus spp.Ceanothus
 EDIT                     C. greggiiDesert ceanothus
 EDIT                     C. fendleriFendler ceanothus
 EDIT                     C. integerrimusMogollon/Deerbrush/ceanothus
 EDIT                 Condalia spp.Condalia
 EDIT                     C. lycioidesLotewood/Southwestern condalia
 EDIT                     C. spathulataKnifeleaf condalia
 EDIT                     C. mexicanaMexican bluewood
 EDIT             VITACEAEGrape vine family
 EDIT                 Vitis spp.Grape
 EDIT                     V. arizonicaCanyon grape
 EDIT                 Cissus spp.Grape ivy
 EDIT                 Parthenocissus spp.Woodbine
 EDIT                     P. vitaceaVirginia creeper/fiveleaf ivy
 EDIT             MELIACEAEMahogany family
 EDIT             MALVACEAEMallow family
 EDIT                 Hibiscus spp.Rose mallow
 EDIT                 Malva spp.Musk mallow
 EDIT                 Callirhoe spp.Poppy mallow
 EDIT                 Sphaeralcea spp.Globe mallow
 EDIT                 Abutilon spp.Indian mallow
 EDIT                 Sida spp. 
 EDIT                 Anoda spp. 
 EDIT                 Gossypium spp.Cotton
 EDIT             STERCULIACEAESterculia family
 EDIT             GUTTIFERAEGarcinia family
 EDIT                 Hypericum spp.St. John's wort
 EDIT             ELATINACEAEWaterwort family
 EDIT                 Elatine spp.Waterwort
 EDIT             TAMARICACEAETamarisk family
 EDIT                     Tamarix pentandraTamarisk
 EDIT             FRANKENIACEAEFrankenia family
 EDIT                     Frankenia jamesiiMockheather
 EDIT             COCHLOSPERMACEAECochlospermum family
 EDIT                     Koeberlinia spinosaAllthorn, crown-of-thorns
 EDIT             VIOLACEAEViolet family
 EDIT                 Viola spp.Violet
 EDIT             PASSIFLORACEAEPassionflower family
 EDIT             LOASACEAELoasa family
 EDIT                 Mentzelia spp. 
 EDIT             CACTACEAECactus family
 EDIT                     Peniocereus greggiiDeer horn cactus
 EDIT                 Cereus spp. 
 EDIT                 Echinocereus spp.Hedgehog cactus
 EDIT                     E. fendleriFendler echinocereus
 EDIT                 Echinocactus spp.Visnaga
 EDIT                     E. wislizeniiSouthwest barrel cactus
 EDIT                 Ferocactus spp.Barrel cactus
 EDIT                 Sclerocactus spp. 
 EDIT                 Mammillaria spp.Mammillaria
 EDIT                 Coryphantha spp. 
 EDIT                 Escobaria spp. 
 EDIT                 Pediocactus spp. 
 EDIT                 Opuntia spp.Prickly pear
 EDIT                     O. leptocaulisTesajo
 EDIT                     O. fulgidaJumping cholla
 EDIT                     O. spinosiorTasajo cholla
 EDIT                     O. imbricataCholla
 EDIT             ELAEAGNACEAEOleaster family
 EDIT                     Elaeagnus angustifoliaRussian-olive
 EDIT                 Shepherdia spp.Buffaloberry
 EDIT                     S. canadensisRusset buffaloberry
 EDIT                     S. argenteaSilver buffaloberry
 EDIT             LYTHRACEAELoosestrife family
 EDIT             ONAGRACEAEEvening primrose family
 EDIT                 Circaea spp.Enchanter's nightshade
 EDIT                 Gaura spp. 
 EDIT                 Ludwigia spp.False loosestrife
 EDIT                 Epilobium spp.Fireweed, Willow herb
 EDIT                 Oenothera spp.Evening primrose
 EDIT                 Calyophus spp. 
 EDIT                 Camissonia spp. 
 EDIT             HALORAGACEAEWater milfoil family
 EDIT                 Myriophyllum spp.Milfoil
 EDIT             ARALIACEAEAralia, Ginseng family
 EDIT             UMBELLIFERAEParsley, Carrot family
 EDIT                 Hydrocotyle spp.Water pennywort
 EDIT                 Cymopterus spp. 
 EDIT                 Eryngium spp.Eryngo
 EDIT                 Osmorhiza spp.Sweet cicely
 EDIT                 Aletes spp. 
 EDIT             CORNACEAEDogwood family
 EDIT                 Cornus spp.Dogwood
 EDIT                     C. stoloniferaRed-osier dogwood
 EDIT             GARRYACEAESilk tassel family
 EDIT                 Garrya spp.Silktassel
 EDIT                     G. wrightiiWright silktassel
 EDIT                     G. flavescensYellowleaf silktassel bush
 EDIT             ERICACEAEHeath family
 EDIT                 Vaccinium spp.Blueberry
 EDIT                     V. myrtillusMyrtle blueberry
 EDIT                     V. scopariumGrouse whortleberry
 EDIT                     V. caespitosumDwarf bilberry
 EDIT                 Arbutus spp.Manzanita
 EDIT                     A. arizonicaArizona madrone/arbutus
 EDIT                     A. texanaTexas madrone, Texas arbutus
 EDIT                 Arctostaphylos sppManzanita
 EDIT                     A. pungensPointleaf manzanita
 EDIT                     A. uva-ursiKinnikinick, bearberry
 EDIT                     A. patulaGreenleaf manzanita
 EDIT                 Pyrola spp.Shineleaf, wintergreen
 EDIT             PRIMULACEAEPrimrose family
 EDIT                 Samolus spp.Water pimpernel
 EDIT                 Androsace spp.Rock jasmine
 EDIT                 Primula spp.Primrose
 EDIT             PLUMBAGINACEAEPlumbago, Leadwort family
 EDIT                     Fouquieria splendensOcotillo
 EDIT             SAPOTACEAESapodilla family
 EDIT                     Bumelia lanuginosa v. rigidaGum bumelia, Chittamwood
 EDIT             OLEACEAEOlive family
 EDIT                 Menodora spp.Menodora
 EDIT                     M. scabraYellow/Rough menodora
 EDIT                     M. scopariaBroom menodora
 EDIT                 Forestiera spp.Forestiera
 EDIT                     F. neomexicanaNew Mexican forestiera/olive
 EDIT                 Fraxinus spp.Ash
 EDIT                     F. anomalaSingleleaf ash
 EDIT                     F. papillosa 
 EDIT                     F. cuspidataFragrant ash
 EDIT                     F. pennsylvanicaRed ash, Green ash
 EDIT                     F. velutinaVelvet ash
 EDIT                     F. greggiiGregg ash
 EDIT                     F. berlandieriana 
 EDIT             LOGANIACEAELogania family
 EDIT             GENTIANACEAEGentian family
 EDIT                 Centaurium spp.Centuary
 EDIT                 Swertia spp. 
 EDIT                 Gentiana spp.Gentian
 EDIT             APOCYNACEAEDogbane family
 EDIT                 Apocynum spp.Dogbane
 EDIT                 Amsonia spp.Bluestar
 EDIT             ASCLEPIADACEAEMilkweed family
 EDIT                 Asclepias spp.Milkweed
 EDIT                 Funastrum spp. 
 EDIT                 Gonolobus spp.Anglepod
 EDIT                 Cuscuta spp. 
 EDIT                 Evolvulus spp. 
 EDIT                 Ipomoea spp.Morning-glory
 EDIT                 Convolvulus spp.Bindweed
 EDIT             POLEMONIACEAEPhlox family
 EDIT                 Ipomopsis spp. 
 EDIT                 Gilia spp. 
 EDIT                 Polemonium spp.Jacob's ladder
 EDIT                 Phlox spp. 
 EDIT             HYDROPHYLLACEAEWaterleaf family
 EDIT                 Nama spp. 
 EDIT                 Phacelia spp.Scorpion weed
 EDIT             BORAGINACEAEBorage family
 EDIT                 Coldenia spp. 
 EDIT                 Heliotropium spp.Heliotrope
 EDIT                 Lappula spp.Stickseed
 EDIT                 Hackelia spp.Beggar's lice
 EDIT                 Mertensia spp.Bluebells
 EDIT                 Lithospermum spp.Gromwell
 EDIT                 Cryptantha spp.White forget-me-not
 EDIT             VERBENACEAEVervain, verbana family
 EDIT                 Aloysia spp. 
 EDIT                     A. wrightiiWright lippia
 EDIT                 Phyla spp.Frogfruit
 EDIT                 Verbena spp.Vervain
 EDIT             LABIATAEMint family
 EDIT                     Poliomintha incanaBush mint
 EDIT                 Monarda spp.Horsemint,Bergamot
 EDIT                 Salvia spp.Sage, ramona
 EDIT                 Teucrium spp.Germander
 EDIT                 Agastache spp.Giant hyssop
 EDIT                 Mentha spp.Mint
 EDIT                 Scutellaria spp.Skullcap
 EDIT             SOLANACEAENightshade family
 EDIT                 Datura spp.Thorn apple
 EDIT                 Nicotiana spp.Tobacco
 EDIT                 Nicotiana glaucaTree tobacco
 EDIT                 Lycium spp.Matrimony vine, boxthorn
 EDIT                     L. pallidumTomatillo or Pale wolfberry
 EDIT                     L. torreyiTorrey wolfberry
 EDIT                     L. andersoniiAnderson wolfberry
 EDIT                 Physalis spp.Ground cherry
 EDIT                 Solanum spp.Common, Potato, Black, or Bell nightshade
 EDIT                 Lycopersicon spp.Tomato
 EDIT             SCROPHULARIACEAEFigwort family
 EDIT                 Verbascum spp.Mullein
 EDIT                 Linaria spp.Toadflax
 EDIT                 Scrophularia spp.Figwort
 EDIT                 Penstemon spp.Beard-tongue
 EDIT                 Veronica spp.Speedwell
 EDIT                 Mimulus spp.Monkey flower
 EDIT                 Pedicularis spp.Lousewort
 EDIT                 Castilleja spp.Painted-cup
 EDIT             BIGNONIACEAEBignonia family
 EDIT                     Chilopsis linearisDesertwillow
 EDIT                     Tecoma stansYellow trumpet
 EDIT             MARTYNIACEAEMartynia family
 EDIT                 Proboscidea spp.Unicorn flower
 EDIT             OROBANCHACEAEBroom-Rape Family
 EDIT                 Orobanche spp. 
 EDIT                 Conophelis spp.Squawroot, cancer-root
 EDIT             LENTIBULARIACEAEBladderwort family
 EDIT             ACANTHACEAEAcanthus family
 EDIT             PLANTAGINACEAEPlaintain family
 EDIT                 Plantago spp.Plantain, Ribwort
 EDIT             RUBIACEAEMadder family
 EDIT                     Cephalanthus occidentalisButtonbush
 EDIT                     Bouvardia glaberrimaSmooth bouvardia
 EDIT                 Galium spp.Bedstraw
 EDIT                 Hedyotis spp. 
 EDIT             CAPRIFOLIACEAEHoneysuckle family
 EDIT                 Sambucus spp.Elderberry
 EDIT                     S. melanocarpaBlackbead elder
 EDIT                     S. pubensScarlet elder
 EDIT                     S. mexicanaMexican elder
 EDIT                     S. neomexicanaNew Mexican blueberry elder
 EDIT                 Symphoricarpos spp.Snowberry
 EDIT                     S. albusCommon snowberry
 EDIT                     S. longiflorusLongflower/Western snowberry
 EDIT                     S. oreophilusMountain snowberry
 EDIT                     S. rotundifoliusRoundleaf snowberry
 EDIT                     S. palmeriPalmer snowberry
 EDIT                 Lonicera spp.Honeysuckle
 EDIT                     L. arizonicaArizona honeysuckle
 EDIT                     L. japonicaJapanese honeysuckle
 EDIT                     L. involucrataBearberry/Twinberry honeysuckle
 EDIT                     L. utahensisUtah honeysuckle
 EDIT             ADOXACEAEMoschatel family
 EDIT             VALERIANACEAEValerian family
 EDIT             CUCURBITACEAEGourd family
 EDIT             CAMPANULACEAEBellflower family
 EDIT                 Campanula spp.Bellflower
 EDIT                 Triodanis spp. 
 EDIT             DIPSACACEAETeasel family
 EDIT             COMPOSITAEComposite, Sunflower family
 EDIT                     Tetradymia canescensSpineless horsebrush/Horseweed
 EDIT                 Stephanomeria spp. 
 EDIT                 Tragopogon spp.Goatsbeard
 EDIT                 Lactuca spp.Lettuce
 EDIT                 Taraxacum spp.Dandelion
 EDIT                 Agoseris spp.Mountain dandelion
 EDIT                 Hieracium spp.Hawkweed
 EDIT                 Crepis spp. 
 EDIT                 Cirsium spp.Thistle
 EDIT                 Centaurea spp.Knapweed
 EDIT                 Antennaria spp.Everlasting, Pussy-toes, Ladies' Tobacco
 EDIT                 Anaphalis spp.Everlasting/ Life-everlasting
 EDIT                 Gnaphalium spp.Cudweed
 EDIT                 Iva spp. 
 EDIT                 Xanthium spp. 
 EDIT                 Ambrosia spp.Ragweed
 EDIT                 Franseria spp. 
 EDIT                 Brickellia spp.Brickellia
 EDIT                     B. californicaCalifornia brickellia
 EDIT                     B. grandifloraTasselflower
 EDIT                 Grindelia spp.Gum plant
 EDIT                 Gutierrezia spp.Snakeweed
 EDIT                     G. sarothraeBroom snakeweed
 EDIT                 Chrysopsis spp.Golden aster
 EDIT                 Solidago spp.Goldenrod
 EDIT                 Haplopappus spp. 
 EDIT                     H. pluriflorusJimmy-weed
 EDIT                     H. laricifoliusLarch-leaf goldenweed
 EDIT                 Achaetogeron spp. 
 EDIT                 Townsendia spp. 
 EDIT                 Conyza spp. 
 EDIT                 Erigeron spp.Fleabane
 EDIT                 Machaeranthera spp. 
 EDIT                 Aster spp.Starwort, frost flower
 EDIT                 Baccharis spp. 
 EDIT                     B. pteronioidesYerbadepasmo
 EDIT                     B. sarothroidesBroom baccharis
 EDIT                     B. glutinosaSeep-willow
 EDIT                     B. thesioidesArizona baccharis
 EDIT                 Chrysothamnus spp.Rabbitbrush
 EDIT                     C. pulchellusSouthwest rabbitbrush
 EDIT                     C. grenneiGreenes rabbitbrush
 EDIT                     C. viscidiflorusSticky-flowered rabbitbrush
 EDIT                     C. nauseosusGolden/Rubber rabbitbrush
 EDIT                 Senecio spp.Groundsel
 EDIT                     S. douglasii v. longilobusThreadleaf groundsel
 EDIT                     S. spartioidesBroom groundsel
 EDIT                 Cacalia spp. 
 EDIT                 Artemisia spp.Sagebrush
 EDIT                     A. spinescensBud sagebrush
 EDIT                     A. filifoliaSand sagebrush
 EDIT                     A. dracunculusTarragon
 EDIT                     A. frigidaFringed sagebrush
 EDIT                     A. pattersonii 
 EDIT                     A. scopulorum 
 EDIT                     A. biennis 
 EDIT                     A. franserioides 
 EDIT                     A. carruthiiCarruth sagebrush
 EDIT                     A. ludovicianaWhite sage
 EDIT                     A. canaSilver sagebrush
 EDIT                     A. tridentataBig, Basin, or Common sagebrush
 EDIT                     A. arbusculaLow sage
 EDIT                     A. novaBlack sagebrush
 EDIT                     A. parryi 
 EDIT                 Pectis spp. 
 EDIT                 Dyssodia spp.Dogweed
 EDIT                 Psilostrophe spp. 
 EDIT                 Hymenoxys spp. 
 EDIT                 Hymenopappus spp. 
 EDIT                 Bahia spp. 
 EDIT                 Thelesperma spp. 
 EDIT                 Coreopsis spp.Tickseed
 EDIT                 Bidens spp. 
 EDIT                 Verbesina spp.Crown-beard
 EDIT                 Helianthus spp.Sunflower
 EDIT                 Viguiera spp. 
 EDIT         Organic DetritusOrganic wastes/dead organisms
 EDIT         Inorganic Detritussand, silt, etc.
 EDIT     INVERTEBRATESAnimals without backbones
 EDIT         ANNELIDASegmented worms
 EDIT             HirudineaLeeches
 EDIT             OligochaetaOligochaetes: earthworm
 EDIT             Polychaeta(mostly marine) fanworm, lugworm
 EDIT         ARTHROPODAInsects & Spiders
 EDIT             ArachnidaArachnids: Spiders/Ticks/Scorpions
 EDIT                     AcariMites, Ticks, Scabies
 EDIT                     AmblypygiTailless whipscorpions
 EDIT                     AraneaeSpiders
 EDIT                     OpilionesDaddylonglegs, Harvestmen
 EDIT                     PseudoscorpionesPseudoscorpions
 EDIT                     ScorpionesScorpions
 EDIT                     SolifugaeWindscorpions
 EDIT                     UropygiWhipscorpions
 EDIT             ChilopodaCentipedes
 EDIT             CrustaceaCrustaceans
 EDIT                     AmphipodaScuds, Sideswimmers
 EDIT                     AnostracaFairy shrimp
 EDIT                     BranchiuraFish lice
 EDIT                     CladoceraWater fleas
 EDIT                     ConchostracaClam shrimp
 EDIT                     DecapodaFresh-water shrimp, Crayfish
 EDIT                     EucopepodaCopepods
 EDIT                     IsopodaPillbugs, Sowbugs
 EDIT                     NotostracaTadpole shrimp
 EDIT                     PodocopaSeed shrimp
 EDIT             DiplopodaMillipedes
 EDIT             InsectaInsects
 EDIT                 Aquatic InsectsAquatic - GENERAL
 EDIT                 Terrestrial InsectsTerrestrial - GENERAL
 EDIT                 AnopluraSucking lice
 EDIT                 CollembolaSpringtails
 EDIT                 ColeopteraBeetles
 EDIT                     Bark BeetlesDendoctonus, Dryocoetes, Scolytus, Ips
 EDIT                 DermapteraEarwigs
 EDIT                 DipluraCampodeids, Japygids
 EDIT                 DipteraFlies, mosquitos
 EDIT                 EmbiopteraEmbiids, Webspinners
 EDIT                 EphemeropteraMayflies
 EDIT                 Hemiptera/HomopteraTrue bugs Leafhoppers/frog hoppers
 EDIT                 HymenopteraAnts, Bees, Sawflies, Wasps
 EDIT                     FormicidaeAnt family
 EDIT                             Camponotus spp.Carpenter ants; wood & soil
 EDIT                             Lasius spp.[no common name]
 EDIT                             Formica spp.Mound building ants
 EDIT                             Pogonomyrmex spp.Harvester ants
 EDIT                             Pheidole spp.Harvester ants
 EDIT                             Solenopsis invictaIntroduced fire ants
 EDIT                             Solenopsis spp.Native fire ants
 EDIT                             Myrnecocystus spp.Honey pot ants
 EDIT                     VespidaeYellowjackets/Hornets/etc.
 EDIT                             Vespula pensylvanicaYellow jackets
 EDIT                 IsopteraTermites
 EDIT                 LepidopteraButterflies, Moths, Skippers
 EDIT                     Butterflies-SkippersButterflies & skippers
 EDIT                     MothsMoths only
 EDIT                     LymantriidaeTussock moths
 EDIT                         Orgyia pseudotsugaDouglas-fir tussock moth
 EDIT                     TortricidaeLeafroller moths
 EDIT                         Choristoneura occiWestern spruce budworm
 EDIT                 MallophagaBird lice
 EDIT                 MecopteraScropionflies
 EDIT                 NeuropteraDobsonflies/Alderflies/Lacewings
 EDIT                 OdonataDamselflies & Dragonflies
 EDIT                 OrthopteraOrder of grasshoppers
 EDIT                 PlecopteraStoneflies
 EDIT                 ProturaProturans
 EDIT                 PsocopteraBooklice, Psocids, Trogiids
 EDIT                 SiphonapteraFleas
 EDIT                 ThysanopteraThrips
 EDIT                 ThysanuraBristletails, Silverfish
 EDIT                 TrichopteraCaddisflies
 EDIT                 ZorapteraZorapterans
 EDIT         BRYOZOABryozoans: Moss animals
 EDIT         CNIDARIAHydra
 EDIT         MOLLUSCAMollusks
 EDIT             BivalviaBivalves
 EDIT             GastropodaSnails
 EDIT             PolyplacophoraChitons
 EDIT         NEMATODARoundworms
 EDIT         NEMERTINAProboscis worms
 EDIT             CestodaTapeworms
 EDIT             TrematodaFlukes
 EDIT             TurbellariaFree-living flatworms
 EDIT         ROTIFERARotifers
 EDIT     CHORDATA (Vertebrates)Animals with backbones
 EDIT             AgnathaJawless Fish: lamprey/hagfish
 EDIT             OsteichthyesBony fishes
 EDIT                 Anguilliformes 
 EDIT                     AnguillidaeEel
 EDIT                 Atheriniformes 
 EDIT                     AtherinidaeSilverside
 EDIT                 Characiformes 
 EDIT                     CharacidaeTetra
 EDIT                 Clupeiformes 
 EDIT                     ClupeidaeHerrings & Shads
 EDIT                 Cypriniformes 
 EDIT                     CatostomidaeBuffalo, Sucker, Redhorse
 EDIT                     CyprinidaeCarp/Chub/Dace/Minnow/Shiner
 EDIT                 Cyprinodontiformes 
 EDIT                     CyprinodontidaeMinnow, Pupfish
 EDIT                     FundulidaeKillifish
 EDIT                     PoeciliidaeGambusia/Topminnow/Mosquitofish
 EDIT                 Gasterosteiformes 
 EDIT                     GasterosteidaeSticklebacks
 EDIT                 Perciformes 
 EDIT                     CentrarchidaeBass/Bluegill/Crappie/Sunfish
 EDIT                     CichlidaeTilapia
 EDIT                     PercichthyidaeTemperate Bass: white & striped
 EDIT                     PercidaeDarter/Logperch/Perch/Walleye
 EDIT                 Salmoniformes 
 EDIT                     EsocidaePike
 EDIT                     SalmonidaeSalmon, Trout
 EDIT                 Scorpaeniformes 
 EDIT                     CottidaeSculpin
 EDIT                 Semionotiformes 
 EDIT                     LepisosteidaeGar
 EDIT                 Siluriformes 
 EDIT                     IctaluridaeBullhead, Catfish
 EDIT             AmphibiaAmphibians
 EDIT                 CaudataSalamanders
 EDIT                     AmbystomatidaeTiger salamander
 EDIT                     PlethodontidaeSalamander
 EDIT                 SilientiaFrogs and Toads
 EDIT                     BufonidaeToad
 EDIT                     HylidaeFrogs
 EDIT                     LeptodactyidaeBarking frogs
 EDIT                     MicrohylidaeNarrowmouth Toad
 EDIT                     PelobatidaeSpadefoot
 EDIT                     RanidaeBullfrog, Leopard frogs
 EDIT                         Rana spp.Leopard Frogs
 EDIT                         Rana catesbianaBullfrog
 EDIT             ReptiliaReptiles
 EDIT                 TestudinesTurtles
 EDIT                     ChelydridaeSnapping turtle
 EDIT                     EmydidaeCooter, Slider, Turtle
 EDIT                     KinosternidaeMud turtle
 EDIT                     TrionychidaeSoftshell turtles
 EDIT                 SquamataSnakes, Lizards, Skinks
 EDIT                     AnguidaeGlass and Alligator lizards
 EDIT                     ColubridaeCoachwhip, Racer, Snake
 EDIT                     ElapidaeCoral snake
 EDIT                     EublepharidaeGecko
 EDIT                     HelodermatidaeGila monster
 EDIT                     LeptotyphlidaeBlind snake
 EDIT                     PhrynosomaidaeLizards: Earless/Spiny/Horned
 EDIT                     ScincidaeSkink
 EDIT                     TeiidaeRacerunner, Whiptail
 EDIT                     ViperidaeRattlesnakes
 EDIT             AvesBirds
 EDIT                 AnseriformesOrder of ducks & geese
 EDIT                     AnatidaeFamily of Ducks & Geese
 EDIT                 ApodiformesSwifts, Hummingbirds
 EDIT                     ApodidaeSwift
 EDIT                     TrochilidaeHummingbird
 EDIT                 CaprimulgiformesOrder of Goatsuckers, etc.
 EDIT                     CaprimulgidaeNighthawk Family
 EDIT                 CharadriiformesOrder of Shorebirds/Gulls/etc.
 EDIT                     AlcidaeMurrelet
 EDIT                     CharadriidaeKilldeer, Plover
 EDIT                     LaridaeGulls & Terns
 EDIT                     RecurvirosidaeAvocet, Stilt
 EDIT                     ScolopacidaeCurlew/Dowitcher/Sandpiper etc.
 EDIT                 CiconiiformesHerons, Ibises, Storks etc.
 EDIT                     ArdeidaeBittern, Egret, Heron
 EDIT                     CiconiidaeStork
 EDIT                     ThreskiornidaeIbis
 EDIT                 ColumbiformesSandgrouse, Pigeons, Doves
 EDIT                     ColumbidaeDove, Ground-dove, Pigeon
 EDIT                 CoraciiformesKingfisher Family
 EDIT                     AlcedinidaeKingfisher
 EDIT                 CuculiformesCuckoos and Allies
 EDIT                     CuculidaeCuckoo, Roadrunner
 EDIT                 FalconiformesDiurnal Birds of Prey
 EDIT                     AccipitridaeHawk & Eagle Family
 EDIT                         Pandion haliaetusOsprey
 EDIT                         Elanoides forficatusAmer. Swallow-tailed Kite
 EDIT                         Elanus caeruleusBlack-shouldered Kite
 EDIT                         Ictinia mississippiensisMississippi Kite
 EDIT                         Haliaeetus leucocephalusBald Eagle
 EDIT                         Circus cyaneusNorthern Harrier
 EDIT                         Accipiter striatusSharp-shinned Hawk
 EDIT                         Accipiter cooperiiCooper's Hawk
 EDIT                         Accipiter gentilisNorthern Goshawk
 EDIT                         Buteogallus anthracinusCommon Black-Hawk
 EDIT                         Parabuteo unicinctusHarris' Hawk
 EDIT                         Buteo nitidusN. Gray Hawk
 EDIT                         Buteo lineatusRed-shouldered Hawk
 EDIT                         Buteo platypterusBroad-winged Hawk
 EDIT                         Buteo swainsoniSwainson's Hawk
 EDIT                         Buteo albonotatusZone-tailed Hawk
 EDIT                         Buteo jamaicensisRed-tailed Hawk
 EDIT                         Buteo regalisFerruginous Hawk
 EDIT                         Buteo lagopusRough-legged Hawk
 EDIT                         Aquila chrysaetosGolden Eagle
 EDIT                     CathartidaeVultures
 EDIT                     FalconidaeFalcon Family
 EDIT                 GalliformesGallinaceous Birds
 EDIT                     PhasianidaeGrouse Family
 EDIT                 GaviiformesLoons
 EDIT                     GaviidaeLoon
 EDIT                 GruiformesCranes, Rails and Allies
 EDIT                     GruidaeCrane
 EDIT                     RallidaeCoot/Gallinule/Rail Family
 EDIT                 PasseriformesPasserine Birds
 EDIT                     AegithalidaeBushtit
 EDIT                     AlaudidaeHorned lark
 EDIT                     BombycillidaeWaxwing
 EDIT                     CerthiidaeBrown creeper
 EDIT                     CinclidaeDipper
 EDIT                     CorvidaeCrow & Jay Family
 EDIT                     EmberizidaeBlackbird Family
 EDIT                     FringillidaeFinch & sparrow Family
 EDIT                     HirundinidaeMartin, Swallow
 EDIT                     LaniidaeShrike
 EDIT                     MimidaeCatbird/Mockingbird/Thrasher
 EDIT                     MotacillidaePipit
 EDIT                     MuscicapidaeThrush Family (Turdidae)
 EDIT                     ParidaeChickadee, Titmouse
 EDIT                     PasseridaeHouse sparrow
 EDIT                     PtilogonatidaePhainopepla
 EDIT                     RemizidaeVerdin
 EDIT                     SittidaeNuthatch
 EDIT                     SturnidaeEuropean Starling
 EDIT                     TroglodytidaeWren
 EDIT                     TyrannidaeFlycatcher Family
 EDIT                     VireonidaeVireo
 EDIT                 PelecaniformesTotipalmate Swimmers
 EDIT                     AnhingidaeAnhinga
 EDIT                     FregatidaeFrigatebird
 EDIT                     PelecanidaePelican
 EDIT                     PhalacrocoidaeCormorant
 EDIT                 PiciformesOrder including Woodpeckers
 EDIT                     PicidaeWoodpecker Family
 EDIT                 PodicipediformesGrebes
 EDIT                     PodicepedidaeGrebe
 EDIT                 StrigiformesOwls
 EDIT                     StrigidaeOwls, except Barn owl
 EDIT                         Otus flammelousFlammulated Owl
 EDIT                         Otus asioEastern Screech Owl
 EDIT                         Otus kennicottiiWestern Screech Owl
 EDIT                         Otus trichopsisWhiskered Screech Owl
 EDIT                         Bubo virginianusGreat-horned Owl
 EDIT                         Glaucidium gnomaNorthern Pygmy Owl
 EDIT                         Glaucidium brasilianumFerruginous Pygmy Owl
 EDIT                         Micrathene whitneyiElf Owl
 EDIT                         Speotyto cuniculariaBurrowing Owl
 EDIT                         Strix occidentalisMexican Spotted Owl
 EDIT                         Asio otusLong-eared Owl
 EDIT                         Asio flammeusShort-eared Owl
 EDIT                         Aegolius funereusBoreal Owl
 EDIT                         Aegolius acadicusN. Saw-whet, Owl
 EDIT                     TytonidaeBarn owl
 EDIT                 TrogoniformesTrogons
 EDIT                     TrogonidaeTrogon
 EDIT             MammaliaMammals
 EDIT                 ArtiodactylaEven-toed hoofed mammals
 EDIT                     AntilocapridaePronghorn
 EDIT                     BovidaeBison/Goat/Ibex/Oryx/Sheep
 EDIT                         Bison spp.Bison
 EDIT                         Bos spp.Domestic cattle
 EDIT                         Capra spp.Goat, Ibex
 EDIT                         Oryx spp.Oryx
 EDIT                         Ovis spp.Bighorn, Domestic sheep
 EDIT                     CervidaeDeer, Elk
 EDIT                         Cervus spp.Elk
 EDIT                         Odocoileus spp.Mule deer, White-tail deer
 EDIT                     SuidaeSwine
 EDIT                     TayassuidaePeccary
 EDIT                 CarnivoraFlesh-eating mammals
 EDIT                     CanidaeFox, Wolf, Coyote
 EDIT                         Canis spp.Wolf, Coyote
 EDIT                             Canis latransCoyote
 EDIT                             Canis lupusWolf
 EDIT                         Urocyon spp.Gray fox
 EDIT                         Vulpes spp.Red Fox
 EDIT                     FelidaeCat Family
 EDIT                             Panthera oncaJaguar
 EDIT                             Felis concolorMountain lion
 EDIT                             Felis pardalisOcelot
 EDIT                             Felis yagouaroundiJaguarundi
 EDIT                         Lynx spp.Lynx, Bobcat
 EDIT                     MustelidaeMustelid Family
 EDIT                         Conepatus spp.Hog-nosed skunk
 EDIT                         Lutra spp.Otter
 EDIT                         Martes spp.Marten
 EDIT                         Mephitis spp.Striped skunk, Hooded skunk
 EDIT                         Mustela spp.Weasel, Mink
 EDIT                             Mustela spp.Weasel
 EDIT                             Mustela visonMink
 EDIT                         Spilogale spp.Spotted skunk
 EDIT                         Taxidea spp.Badger
 EDIT                     ProcyonidaeCoati, Raccoon, Ringtail
 EDIT                         Bassariscus spp.Ringtail
 EDIT                         Nasua spp.Coati
 EDIT                         Procyon spp.Raccoon
 EDIT                     UrsidaeBear
 EDIT                         Ursus americanaBlack Bear
 EDIT                         Ursus arctosGrizzly Bear
 EDIT                 ChiropteraBats
 EDIT                     MolossidaeFree-tailed bat, Mastiff bat
 EDIT                         Eumops spp.Mastiff bat
 EDIT                         Tadarida spp.Free-tailed bat
 EDIT                     PhyllostomatidaeLong-nosed & tongued bats
 EDIT                         Choeronycteris spp.Long-tongued bat
 EDIT                         Leptonycteris spp.Long-nosed bat
 EDIT                     VespertilionidaeBat, Myotis, Pipistrelle
 EDIT                         Antrozous spp.Pallid bat
 EDIT                         Eptesicus spp.Brown bat
 EDIT                         Euderma spp.Spotted bat
 EDIT                         Lasionycteris spp.Silver haired bat
 EDIT                         Lasiurus spp.Hoary, Red, S. Yellow bats
 EDIT                         Myotis spp.Myotis
 EDIT                         Pipistrellus spp.Pipistrelle
 EDIT                         Plecotus spp.Big-eared bat
 EDIT                 LagomorphaRabbits, Hares, Pikas
 EDIT                     LeporidaeCottontail, Jackrabbit, Hare
 EDIT                         Lepus spp.Jack rabbit, Hare
 EDIT                         Sylvilagus spp.Cottontail
 EDIT                     OchotonidaePika
 EDIT                 MarsupaliaPouched mammals
 EDIT                     DidelphidaeOpossum
 EDIT                 PerrisodactylaOdd-toed hoofed mammals
 EDIT                     EquidaeBurro, Horse
 EDIT                         Equus asinusBurro, ass
 EDIT                         Equus caballusHorse
 EDIT                 PrimatesMonkeys, Apes, Humans
 EDIT                     HomonidaeHumans and great apes
 EDIT                 RodentiaGnawing mammals
 EDIT                     ArvicolidaeMuskrat, Vole
 EDIT                         Clethrionomys spp.Red-backed vole
 EDIT                         Microtus spp.Vole
 EDIT                         Ondatra spp.Muskrat
 EDIT                         Phenacomys spp.Heather vole
 EDIT                     CapromyidaeNutria
 EDIT                     CastoridaeBeaver
 EDIT                     CricetidaeMouse (except house/jumping/pocket) Cottonrats, Woodrats
 EDIT                         Baiomys spp.Pygmy mouse
 EDIT                         Neotoma spp.Woodrat
 EDIT                             Neotoma cinereaBusy-tailed Woodrat
 EDIT                             Neotoma mexicanaMexican Woodrat
 EDIT                             Neotoma micropusS. Plains Woodrat
 EDIT                             Neotoma albigulaWhite-throated Woodrat
 EDIT                         Onychomys spp.Grasshopper mouse
 EDIT                         Peromyscus spp.Mouse
 EDIT                         Reithrodontomys spp.Harvest mouse
 EDIT                         Sigmodon spp.Cottonrat
 EDIT                     ErethizontidaePorcupine
 EDIT                     GeomyidaePocket gopher
 EDIT                     HeteromyidaePocket mouse, Kangaroo rat
 EDIT                         Dipodomys spp.Kangaroo rat
 EDIT                         Perognathus spp.Pocket mouse
 EDIT                     MuridaeHouse mouse/Black & Norway rats
 EDIT                         Mus spp.House mouse
 EDIT                         Rattus spp.Rat
 EDIT                     SciuridaeChipmunk, Prairie dog, Marmot, Squirrel
 EDIT                         Ammospermophilus spp.Antelope squirrel
 EDIT                         Cynomys spp.Prairie dog
 EDIT                         Eutamias spp.Chipmunk
 EDIT                         Marmota spp.Marmot
 EDIT                         Sciurus spp.Squirrel
 EDIT                         Spermophilus spp.Ground squirrel
 EDIT                         Tamiasciurus spp.Red Squirrel
 EDIT                     SoricidaeShrew
 EDIT                         Cryptotis spp.Least shrew
 EDIT                         Notiosorex spp.Desert shrew
 EDIT                         Sorex spp.Shrew
 EDIT                     TalpidaeMoles
 EDIT                     ZapodidaeJumping mouse
 EDIT                 XenarthraArmadillos and Sloths
 EDIT                     DasypodidaeArmadillo
 EDIT         Domestic LivestockAnimals raised for cash value
 EDIT     CarrionDead and putrefying flesh
 EDIT     FecesAnimal excrement, Ordure
 EDIT     MilkMothers milk

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