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Code Table List

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National Wetlands Inventory Special Modifier Codes

 EDIT Inland Salinity: FreshSalinity less than 0.5 ppt dissolved salts.
 EDIT Inland Salinity: HypersalineSalinity greater than 40 ppt, due to land-derived salts.
 EDIT Inland Salinity: Eusaline 
 EDIT Inland Salinity: MixosalineSalinity of 0.5 to 30 ppt, due to land-derived salts.
 EDIT pH for Fresh Water: Acid< 5.5
 EDIT Special Modifier: Beaver 
 EDIT Special Mod: Partially drained/ditchedThe water level has been artificially lowered, but the area is still classified as wetland because soil moisture is sufficient to support hydrophytes.
 EDIT Special Modifier: FarmedThe soil surface has been mechanically or physically altered for production of crops, but hydrophytes will become reestablished if farming is discontinued.
 EDIT Soils: OrganicHorizons that are greater than about 20% to 35% organic matter by weight (See F1 for more info.)
 EDIT Special Modifier: Diked/impoundedDiked: Created or modified by a man-made barrier or dike designed to obstruct the inflow of water. Impounded: Created or modified by a barrier or dam which purposefully or or unintentionally obstructs the outflow of water. Both man-made and beaver dams ar
 EDIT ph for Fresh Water: Alkaline> 7.4
 EDIT Soils: MineralHorizons that are less than about 20% to 35% organic matter by weight (See F1 for more info.)
 EDIT Special Modifier: ArtificialRefers to substrates classified as Rock Bottom, Unconsolidated Bottom, Rocky Shore, and Unconsolidated Shore that were emplaced by man, using either natural materials such as dredge spoil or synthetic materials such as discarded automobiles, tires, or con
 EDIT Special Modifier: Spoil 
 EDIT pH for Freshwater: Circumneutral5.5 - 7.4
 EDIT Special Modifier: ExcavatedLies within a basin or channel excavated by man.

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