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Code Table List

Habitat Codes

 EDIT AQUATICCompletes reproduction (birthing/egg laying) as one life stage within water
 EDIT SEMI-AQUATICCompletes reproduction, but not all other life stages in water. e.g., tiger salamander, frogs, etc.
 EDIT FULLY AQUATICSpends entire life in water. e.g., fish.
 EDIT RIPARIANLives along aquatic/terrestrial interface. Includes species which use aquatic environment but do not complete a life stage in water. e.g., beaver, otter, water shrew, ducks, etc.; semi-aquatic species such as salamanders and frogs; species which utilize riparian vegetation such as willow, alder, and cottonwood; and species which have some tie to water besides drinking e.g., kingfishers. May include semi-aquatic and terrestrial species.
 EDIT TERRESTRIALCompletes reproduction (birthing\egg laying) on land. e.g., ducks, turtles, etc.
 EDIT QUADRUPEDRunning e.g., ungulates, felines, canines, rabbits, etc.
 EDIT FOSSORIALSpends considerable amount of time underground.
 EDIT SEMI-FOSSORIALLive both above and below ground. e.g., ground squirrels, marmots, rabbits, prairie dogs, etc.
 EDIT FULLY FOSSORIALFeed, breed and live below ground; rarely on the surface. e.g., moles, pocket gophers, etc.
 EDIT ARBOREALLiving in trees (e.g. monkeys)
 EDIT PREHENSILESeize, grasp or hold on with opposable digits or prehensile tail. e.g., opossum, arboreal mice, etc.
 EDIT SCANSORIALSpecialized for climbing. e.g., tree squirrels, lizards, etc.
 EDIT AERIALTrue flight. e.g., birds and bats
 EDIT SAXICOLOUSLiving among the rocks
 EDIT MONTANESpecies that occur in mountainous habitats.
 EDIT LOWLANDSSpecies that occur in lowland habitats including valleys, mesas, lowland deserts, etc.
 EDIT UNKNOWNLife history habitat is unknown.