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Find a specific species by name or taxonomic group.
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Species Report
Run pre-made reports that search based on one or two fields.
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Run custom reports that search on up to eight commonly-used fields.
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Run custom reports that search on any of the BISON-M database fields.
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Code Table List

Concern Codes

 EDIT CONCERN: Decreasing numbers
 EDIT CONCERN: Low numbers
 EDIT CONCERN: Decreasing distribution
 EDIT CONCERN: Limited distribution/Restricted range
 EDIT CONCERN: Limited or dated data/information
 EDIT CONCERN: Taxa endemic to NM
 EDIT CONCERN: Taxa endemic to AZ
 EDIT CONCERN: High risk; easily impacted/disturbed/vandalize
 EDIT CONCERN: Taxa may be extirpated from NM or extinct
 EDIT CONCERN: Taxa may be extirpated from AZ or extinct
 EDIT CONCERN: None in NM; problem elsewhere; see comments
 EDIT CONCERN: None in AZ; problem elsewhere; see comments
 EDIT CAUSE: Habitat loss/degradation/fragmentation
 EDIT CAUSE: Direct mortality (e.g. road kill, poaching, etc.)
 EDIT CAUSE: ADC activities
 EDIT CAUSE: Commercial exploitation/overcollection
 EDIT CAUSE: Disease/Parasites
 EDIT CAUSE: Introduced Species; predation/competition
 EDIT CAUSE: Hybridization
 EDIT CAUSE: Pollution/Contaminants
 EDIT CAUSE: Unknown