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Find a Species Booklet
Find a specific species by name or taxonomic group.
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Species Report
Run pre-made reports that search based on one or two fields.
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Database Query
Run custom reports that search on up to eight commonly-used fields.
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Power Search
Run custom reports that search on any of the BISON-M database fields.
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Code Table List

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Taxonomic Group Codes

 EDIT Fish
 EDIT Amphibians
 EDIT Reptiles
 EDIT Birds
 EDIT Mammals
 EDIT Molluscs
 EDIT Crustaceans
 EDIT Misc Inverts
 EDIT Ephemeroptera; mayfiles
 EDIT Odonata; dragonflies
 EDIT Orthoptera; grasshoppers & crickets
 EDIT Plecoptera; stoneflies
 EDIT Phthiraptera; chewing & sucking lice
 EDIT Thysanopetera; thrips
 EDIT Heteroptera; true bugs
 EDIT Homoptera; cicadas, leafhoppers, etc.
 EDIT Hymenoptera; ants, bees, wasps
 EDIT Coleoptera; beetles
 EDIT Tricoptera; caddisflies
 EDIT Lepidoptera; moths and butterflies
 EDIT Diptera; two winged flies
 EDIT Siphonaptera; fleas
 EDIT Misc. Insects
 EDIT Spiders
 EDIT Mites & Ticks
 EDIT Misc. Arachnids
 EDIT Myriapoda; centipedes, millipedes, etc.
 EDIT Trematodes; flukes
 EDIT Cestodes; tapeworms
 EDIT Acanthocephala; spiny-headed worms
 EDIT Aschelminthes; nematodes, rotifers, etc.
 EDIT Annelida; earthworms, leeches, etc.
 EDIT Protozoans; single cell animals
 EDIT Bacteria
 EDIT Viruses

Related Code Table